About Us
We all know that now, almost every business on the Internet is based on proxies and that the best solution is mobile proxies, but there is a problem - they are very expensive. Our team decided to change this and make mobile proxies available to everyone!

To save you from losing money, nerves, and time, we have created an absolutely unique and easy-to-use product that does not require any programming knowledge or spending time mastering a new operating system. Using our solution, you will not only start saving well by continuing to work as you are used to, but also get the opportunity to earn even more.

We offer a plug-and-play solution: you just connect everything, install our software, do a basic configuration and it just works. All the necessary toggles and switches are available in the dashboard. With our solution you don't require any modem configurations - plug it in and it works. You don't need a dedicated IP address, everything is made for your comfort.

In addition to the SOCKS5 and HTTP we provide a Wireguard connection that is currently not present on the market. As for security, we'll be forcing all our clients to stay legal with banning banks, government services and whatever else our partners will require to ban.

In terms of hardware we recommend considering using an M.2 modem. These are able to pull some decent bandwidths and are overall more configurable and stable. Outdated USB modems are slow and buggy. We'll be supporting these but not in the nearest future. You'll also need a host, we offer builds for the OpenWRT routers and Linux computers. Take the power consumption in consideration.

You connect the M.2 modems to a converter which makes it a USB modem. You connect it to the USB hub with external power. You connect this hub with the modems to the host and our software does its job, you get the proxies.
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